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Josh removed his jacket to work at the monkey bar but unfortunately, by the end of his exercise, he had injured himself.

As a footnote to that necessary work, though, here are my thoughts on Zac Efron’s “dad bod”: I HATE IT! Here’s the backstory.

Eva Longoria is looking and feeling good in her skin. The “Desperate Houses” alum posted a photo on Instagram on Thursday.

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The age of dad prefixes has surely run its course, says the Guardian’s deputy fashion editor Priya Elan.

Since Logic will be giving his fans a full breakdown of what ‘No Pressure’ actually represents, let’s dive into a few tracks and deconstruct a handful of songs from the 15-track record.

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He totally earned the title of “fun uncle” as he chased the kids around the beach and the troupe ran away from the waves! It.

In the realm of skincare, many agree that it’s not one-size-fits-all — especially in regards to suncare. Everyday Humans is a Gen Z sunscreen brand that made the inclusion of SPF way more seamless.

Zac Efron Becomes the Latest Incredibly Fit Celebrity to Get the ‘Dad Bod’ Label – Zac Efron has a new travel show on Netflix. During one episodef he fou.

What’s not acceptable is to label him as in possession of a dad bod. The idea of a ‘dad bod’ is already a slightly absurd.

Richard Bruton has spoken about how it feels to have grabbed the attention of social media users after he posed for a tourism.

It’s GREAT to be Dak Prescott.

dude just showed off his shredded bod by the pool Friday — and just hours earlier, he made things Instagram official with his smokin’ hot model GF!! Oh, and he just.

She previously flaunted her gorgeous bod in a SoCal summer chic look over the weekend for Fitness Friday, sporting a t-shirt.

In a time where many of us are missing our girlfriends and longing to connect with others, St. Elizabeth Physicians has a fun, light-hearted suggestion to fill that void. Dr. Susan Oakley,

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In a different world, the fabulous, existentially grounded Groundhog Day homage that is Palm Springs would be the indie flick blockbuster of the summer.

The fashion blogger recently said of her new fashion collection: ‘I wanted to create a line that was classic and fun and embraced the duality of strength and femininity that every woman has.’.

Altruistic tattoo artists are helping people ready to close the negative chapter of their old life and start a new one.

I am drinking so much beer that I am becoming a role-poly. My girlfriend is not impressed with my new breasts. I call it the dad bod. Marriage is a funny thing. You really do let yourself go as soon.